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We are introducing new Environ RAD Shield Mineral Sunscreen SPF 15. Dr Des Dernandes (Founder and Scientific Director of Environ Skin Care) developed and launced the world's first sun protection formulation, combining powerful sun filters with antioxidants 28 years ago.

Environ RAD continues to be recommeded by skincare professionals, doctors and dermatologists around the world because Environ's suncare approach is unique, and scientifically proven to be effective.


Based on Dr Des Fernandes's pioneering sun care philosophy and skin expertise, Environ is building on its range of Environ More Sun+ products to include a powerful new physical sunscreen innovation - Environ RAD Shield Mineral Sunscreen SPF 15. 


 4 Benefits of Environ RAD Shield Mineral Sunscreen SPF 15:


1.  Broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection - Safe-effective physical sunscreen!


Environ's RAD Shield Mineral Sunscreen contains new generation Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide mineral ingredients which assist in providing a powerful physical block against UVA and UVB, transparently and beautifully.

Zinc is anti-inflammatory and is suitable for acne, rosacea and sensitive inflamed skin types.


2. Infrared radiation defence!


Infrared red can trigger heat induced responses in the skin such as inflammation, hydration loss and the degradation of collagen and elastin, increasing the risk of photo-ageing of the skin. Environ RAD Shield Mineral contains Venuceane, a scientifically advanced, heat-adaptive ingredient to help counteract the damaging effect of infrared radiation.


Venuceane is a plant-based ingredient help absorb any UVA and UVB rays which results in prevents infra-red stress, reducing redness and inflammation and improve they hydration within the skin. 


3. Antioxidant Defence System!


Environ RAD Shield Mineral Sunscreen includes a wide spectrum of antioxidants such as colourless carotenoids, Vitamin E and Solanium Lycopersicum (Tomato Extract), which assists in minimising the free radical damage triggered by UVA radiation. 



4. Light-weight transparent shield!


This Environ RAD Shield Mineral Suncreeen is a complete Mineral based Vegan SPF. Its lighter in texture and contains Shea butter to nourish and sooth the skin. Suitable for all skin type and can be used for face and body. 



Research has shown that the skin absorbs sunscreen ingredients, and many can become aggressive free radicals. It is scientifically proven that higher SPF products provide minimal added protection (less than 5% difference between SPF 15 and SPF 50), but contain higher concentrations of chemical sunscreen ingredients, which can trigger free radical assault on the skin.


Environ's proven approach to safe, effective sun protection supports a low SPF, applied more often , with a boost of antioxidants. 


Protect your skin safely, effectively, and beautifully with Environ's new RAD Shield Mineral Sunsreen. You only have one skin. Look after it!




Customer Reviews

Great pharmacy and staff, they always go over and beyond to be helpful. Definitely recommend!

Niall Q, Palmerstown

Have been here twice for Environ and Advanced Nutrition supplements,staff are very kind and the range of products is brilliant!

Ella H, Dublin

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