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1. What is blue light?

Blue Light is the brightest visible light that most people are exposed to for long periods of time.


2. Where is Blue Light Found?

Its found in al lights around us,  It’s also found in the digital screens of electronic devices; TVs, computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets. 


3. Why Is Blue Light Bad For Us?

Exposure may increase the risk of macular degeneration and can contribute to digital eye strain.


How Can I protect my Eye from Blue Light?

Reduce exposure to Blue LIght ! Also Advcanced Nutrition have designed a supplement called Skin Blue Filter - that contains the key ingredients for your body to produce the strongest defense against Blue LIght !


Proven Results

Skin Blue Filter is powered by trending lutein and zeaxanthin (pigment from marigold flowers) known to improve skin tone, luminosity and elasticity. Antioxidants and cell-protecting nutrients work to future-proof skin health.


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Customer Reviews

My order was dispatched that evening I placed it - Skin Accumax. Very happy with the prompt service. I will be shopping with you again!

Agnes M, Kilkenny

Great pharmacy and staff, they always go over and beyond to be helpful. Definitely recommend!

Niall Q, Palmerstown

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